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Ted In Tuxedo Limited Edition 24-Inch Talking Plush Teddy Bear *R* Rat
Finally- Ted is allowed to dress how he wants! Ted measures 24-inches tall and arrives dressed in a Tuxedo. He speaks 12 authentic phrases and is perfect for sitting next to you while watching a Cheech and Chong movie. From Seth McFarlane*s film Ted- this Ted In Tuxedo 24-Inch Talking Plush Teddy Bear will have you laughing as much as the movie itself.****Features:***** Ted in Tuxedo 24-Inch Talking Plush Teddy Bear *R* Rated Version comes in it*s own Limited Edition Bxx***** Seth McFarlane*s Ted is dressed in Tuxedo****This version of Ted states 12 phrases: *** Hey Johnny how about a beer huh? A couple of Brewstueski? Perhaps a teddy bruski?*** Haha. C*mere ya bastard*** You know what I*d like to do to her- something I call the dirty Fozzie.*** Uhhuh okay. Alright. Good Talk coach! Thanks*** I don*t! I look like snuggles accountant*** I didn*t know you had a baby- is it alive?*** I wuv you*** Okay- alright- so that*s where we*ll draw the line.*** Oh C*mon- I don*t sound that much like Peter Griffin*** Stick your finger in the loop of my tag*** That*s my bad- I was sending a tweet.*** Will you take care of me for ever and ever!
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