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Horse of a Different Color Navajo Pottery Arabian Horse #62
From the Horse of a Different Color Collection. Navajo Pottery Arabian Horse. Made of hand-painted resin with a metal plaque embedded in the base- showing the title and the exact serial number (out of 10-000) of each horse. Measures 6.25* high.**Arabian horses hail from the Middle East- and have a rich history woven into the culture of this area. They helped to sire the modern Thoroughbred race horse- and have been used to improve other breeds throughout the world. They have long since been an extremely popular horse in European and American history- utilized for their bravery and endurance. Today Arabian horses remain as one of the most popular horses in the world- enjoyed as pleasure- competition and endurance race horses.****Colorful- noble- and classic are all words that best embody this exciting collection. Whether you are a novice collector or a passionate horse lover- you will find that there*s a perfect design from this collection for any home and lifestyle. This kaleidoscope of horses exhibits many breeds- intricately designed and sculpted with beading and bold patterns- capturing the beauty and longevity of one of nature*s most beloved creatures. Celebrate the history and grace of horses and welcome Horse of a Different Color into your heart forever.
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