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Book: The Truth About Chuck Norris
The lowdown on the toughest- sexiest- and beardiest man to ever stalk the earth ****Since its emergence from the bowels of the internet- the Chuck Norris Fact has roundhouse kicked its way into the world’s consciousness with all the vim and verve of its namesake. Singing the praises of his unequaled toughness- his mighty kicking feet- his indestructible beard- his frightening virility- and his ability to stop time by thinking about pineapples- The Truth About Chuck Norris is the one book brave enough to go behind the beard and reveal the real Chuck. ****Ian Spector- webmaster of the site which started the meme and survivor of a real-life encounter with Chuck himself- has selected the 400 most kick-ass facts from his library of thousands- as well as illustrations as awesome as the man himself. This death-defying volume includes such awe-inspiring observations as:**• A cobra once bit Chuck Norris’s leg. After five days of excruciating pain- the cobra died. **• Chuck Norris can charge a cell phone by rubbing it against his beard.**• When an episode of “Walker- Texas Ranger” aired in France- the French surrendered to Chuck Norris just to be on the safe side.****• Chuck Norris was the first person to tame a dinosaur.**• Chuck Norris once visited The Virgin Islands. Afterward- they were renamed The Islands.**• Every piece of furniture in Chuck Norris’s house is a Total Gym. ****A must-have paean to the archetypical American male and a bible of all things Chuck- The Truth About Chuck Norris is easily the most important book of all time.**
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