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Pass The Pigs Party Edition
Now up to 4 players can play all at once with Pass the Pigs Pig Party Edition! Four pairs of Pigs are included. It*s Pass The Pigs and more! More pigs- more points and more fun! For ages 7 and up- and 2 to 4 players. Contains 8 pigs (4 pairs)- deck of 30 Pig Roll- bonus and point cards- zippered carrying case and illustrated instructions. ****How*s your tolerance for puns? You*ll need some for Pass the Pigs- a simple game of chance built around a pig theme. Instead of dice- you roll two cute pink piglets and you gain or lose points depending on how the critters land. For example- if both land on all fours- called a *double trotter-* you get 20 points- if they land lying opposite each other- called a *Pig Out-* you gain no points and cede your turn. There are a number of other rules as well as a variation called *Hog Call.* ****Product Features*** Now up to 4 players can play all at once *** You*ll need some for Pass the Pigs *** Includes zippered carrying case *** Contains 4 pairs of pigs (8 pigs) and illustrated instructions *** More pigs- more points- more fun **
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