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Let Me Tell You About Beer Book: A Beginner*s Guide to All Things Brew
A true beginner*s guide written in an unpretentious and easy-to-read manner covers beer and food matching- and clearly explains beer styles and flavors- with no previous knowledge assumed. Beer is the world*s favorite drink- yet too often it*s shrouded in mystery- myth- and complex-sounding terminology. This no-nonsense guide cuts straight through all of it- with simple advice on how to seek out and enjoy the immense range of flavors offered. The maxim that beer should always be fun runs right through this book- which covers all the key essentials in a chatty style. It touches on flavors- teaching drinkers how to explore the tastes they most enjoy and find other similar beers; as well as practical details so they can choose- buy- serve- and taste beer with confidence. It explains the main styles from around the world—wild beers- wheat beers- lagers- golden and blonde ales- farmhouse ales- India pale ales (IPAs) and pale ales- bitters- trappists and abbey beers- barley wines- Scotch ales and old ales- mild ales- porters and stouts- fruit- field- spice and all things nice- and the lunatic fringe. And of course it offers recommendations—more than 200 recommended beers to try—with the author*s original tasting notes.****Features:*** Hard Cover Book*** 224 Pages*** Over 200 recommended beers to try from around the world
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