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The Pop-Up Book of Celebrity Meltdowns (Hardcover)
From the makers of the cult classic Pop-Up Book of Phobias comes a satirical celebration of celebrities gone wild. Everyone has a bad day now and then. But when superstars fall apart in public- it*s international news! The Pop-Up Book of Celebrity Meltdowns puts you front and center as ten of the most spectacular public crack-ups of our day unfold before your eyes. Open the page to trigger a wardrobe malfuntion and watch as Janet Jackson bares all at the Super Bowl . . . Pull the tab and see Tom Cruise leap up on Oprah*s couch like an excited puppy . . . From the aerial view of a news copter- watch as a phalanx of squad cars pursues O. J. Simpson*s Bronco in slow motion. . . . Brought to life with hilariously humorous caricatures and stunningly ingenious paper engineering- this deluxe- handcrafted gift book proves once and for all that celebrities are just like the rest of us- only much- much more so. AUTHOR BIO: Heather Havrilesky is the TV critic for Salon.com. She co-created Filler- a popular cartoon on Suck.com- with illustrator Terry Colon. Her writing has appeared in Spin- New York Magazine- the Los Angeles Times- the Washington Post- Bookforum- and NPR*s All Things Considered. She also maintains the Rabbit Blog- through which she dispenses free bad advice to total strangers. Bruce Foster has created numerous children*s pop-up books- including Charles Schulz*s Peanuts: A Pop-Up Celebration and Marjorie Priceman*s Little Red Riding Hood. Bruce has also engineered moving books and cards for The Museum of Modern Art and other clients. Bruce snips- clips- and glues his movable paper constructions in Houston- Texas. Mick Coulas has parodied celebrities and politicians for publications like The Wall Street Journal and Maxim. His skewed perspective also helps sell mustard- pudding- pickles- and glue. His satirical images are created with digital photography- digitizing pens- chewing gum- bailing wire- and a big Mac. He lives in Toronto with his partner- Candace Lourdes. ****
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