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The Beatles Coasters with Tin
Let The Beatles protect your tables! Features 13 legendary album covers. Includes a stylish tin for storage! The Beatles were a pop and rock group of musicians from Liverpool- England- whose members were John Lennon- Paul McCartney- George Harrison- and Ringo Starr. They are one of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed bands in the history of popular music. In the United Kingdom- The Beatles released more than 40 different singles- albums- and EPs that reached number 1. This success was repeated in many other countries and their record company- EMI- estimated that by 1985 they had sold over 1 billion discs and tapes worldwide. The Beatles are the best-selling musical act of all time in the United States- according to the Recording Industry Association of America. Includes 13 coasters based on classic Beatles album covers. Bring home these Beatles Coasters with Tin today! ***** Tin measures about 4 1/2-inches tall x 4 1/2-inches wide x 2 1/2-inches deep.
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